A Thousand Cowbells

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likeallstars – A Thousand Cowbells

01 Drunken Style
02 Electronic Lobster Prophet Unleashed – Key (Arythmol Remix)
03 Kittens Gone North
04 Lux Flux and likeallstars – Allright
05 Lux Flux and likeallstars – Exothermic Swagger
06 K.Write – Can you fuck me in the morning (Arythmol Remix)
07 Girls Be Like (Manda’s vocal version)
08 DIVA X and likeallstars – Jonny Repetition Mix
09 Stronger Nerds
10 Vagus – The Pulse (Arythmol Remix)
11 Harlequin Knights – Which way?
12 Blunted Objects – No Bad Days (Arythmol Dub)

Produced by Chris Almond with guest contributors Noah King, Wayne Evans, Amanda Haywood, K.Write, Tina Mickens, Marcus Harley, James Dolan and Gary Law.

An accompanying release Exothermic Swagger features remixes by Emma Catnip, Michael Valentine West, Lux Flux, Electronic Lobster Prophet Unleashed, and RS Frawstakwa, and a music video by Laura Grace Robles.

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