A Thousand Cowbells

likeallstars – A Thousand Cowbells

01 Drunken Style
02 Electronic Lobster Prophet Unleashed – Key (Arythmol Remix)
03 Kittens Gone North
04 Lux Flux and likeallstars – Allright
05 Lux Flux and likeallstars – Exothermic Swagger
06 K.Write – Can you fuck me in the morning (Arythmol Remix)
07 Girls Be Like (Manda’s vocal version)
08 DIVA X and likeallstars – Jonny Repetition Mix
09 Stronger Nerds
10 Vagus – The Pulse (Arythmol Remix)
11 Harlequin Knights – Which way?
12 Blunted Objects – No Bad Days (Arythmol Dub)

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