LGBTQ Jersey – Rally for marriage equality, St Helier, 12 July 2014

This film documents the reactions of a broad group of liberal-minded folks to arguments put forward by church leaders who say same-sex marriage is undesirable for society. What began with a proposition for marriage equality to the Jersey States Assembly, and ensuing news and social media interest, culminated in a well organised rally for equality and pride. The film begins with an impressionistic study of the Royal Square as demonstrators and media people congregate for the parade. Substantial excerpts from the main speeches at Liberation Square follow. Lastly, excerpts from interviews with Martin Gavet, Sam Mézec, Philip Ozouf, Montfort Tadier, and Nick Le Cornu are included.

00:00 Royal Square
09:06 Liberation Square (speeches)
20:14 Interviews
“Same Love” Original recording by Angel Haze
“What’s Going On” Performed by Kit Ashton

Voice impressions by Jim Doonican

Camera operators: Chris Almond and Mr X

Edited by Chris Almond

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