End of the Pier

End of the Pier, an album by likeallstars with Chris Almond, James Dolan, Marcus Harley, Kerri Frain and Gary Law.

A document of unfinishable business in the music industry. We hear interpolations of glitch, gestures of psychological truth and echoes in incoherent space. Lyrics and language are given more dramatic purpose than habitual process of abstraction through cut-ups could allow. With a start point of Pulp’s classic Britpop rise and fall in a night of a casual E-head, the lyrics that follow obliquely tell a story. And in the end these were times we had, recorded and prepared for eternity.


  1. Jim Doonican – Sorted for E’s and Wizz
  2. James Dolan and The Official Gary Law – AK-47
  3. likeallstars – Alunascape
  4. likeallstars – Nsoil
  5. Harlequin Knights – The Great Girl
  6. likeallstars – Girls Be Like
  7. likeallstars – Elegy for Firebrain MC
  8. Kezza – I Will Always Edit
  9. Bubblebrain – The Metal Drop


Chris Almond: Recording; treatments; synth (3-9); drum programming (3-5,7,9); guitar (3,6); vocal (6)

Gary Law: Bass (1,2,8,9); electric guitar (5,9)

James Dolan: Electric guitar (1,2,6,8); vocal (1,2)

Marcus Harley: Synth and vocal (5)

Kerri Frain: Vocal (8)

Track 1 written by Candida Doyle, Jarvis Cocker and Mark Webber. All other compositions by Chris Almond (3-9), James Dolan (2,6,8), Gary Law (2,8,9) and Marcus Harley (5).

Recorded at Pier Road, Jersey, the summer and autumn of 2013.

Produced by Chris Almond


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