Asylum girls logo

Since 2008 Asylum has promoted excellence in music performance and supplied solid sound and stage management. It is deliberately mash-and-mix style and conceived as a space to explore cultural ideas and identities. It is not in the mainstream but it is open to all collaborators. Asylum is an exercise in objective art, creating conditions for experimentation with forms and meanings, propelling the matter forward to higher dimensions like a brain on mushroom brew.

A venture in music promotion requires a recognisable graphic identity. The image that the Asylum crew refers to as the girls logo has a lot of meaning packed into a minimal form. It was developed by Chris Almond and Luc Pallot from a found woodcut. Following precedents throughout the history of art and typography from Peter Flötner’s Anthropomorphic alphabet (1540), Anthon Beeke’s Nude alphabet (1970), and to the present with Slovakian designer Peter Biľak’s Dancewriter, the Asylum logo represents the capital letter ‘A’ for Asylum.

The community in which Asylum plays a part, geographically located in Channel Islands, UK, is dominated by male voices. There are some excellent female writers and performers and it would be good to see more of them. By using this image of female society, a symbol of encouragement to female musicians is being shared.

Two women join in an embrace. Their nakedness suggests a homoerotic state of being; they could be Adamina and Eve at play in the Garden. The image can be read as an expression of coming together, of love, companionship, and community. The sign of a lost beginning, a classical verdant Genesis, is advanced in the primitive substance of the woodcut and the nakedness of the bodies. Alpha carries the radical notion of erasure of the human form in representation. In moving back and forth between these two views, there is a limitless range of interpretations in the space between the gesture of human contact and an atom of linguistic code.


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