Art House

I made these three works on the first days of 2012. They were mixed and mastered quickly and are meant to be unfinished. They are closed-circuit grooves in want of something more – perhaps a vocal, or to be combined with film photography. I’ve always tried to define a new style. This is icstep. The three tracks here are distant cousins of House music and as such they exemplify a sub-genre of icstep known as Art House.

To get this site up and running I found it useful to have work from 2007-2010 ready to go. It has however made for a predominantly retrospective analysis. So, for balance, I will be sharing mostly new work, works-in-progress, and recent news.

Work-in-progress designed to satisfy a taste for the epic. You’re welcome to imagine a better ending for this track if you would like to.


Dub trance groove. Work-in-progress.


A concussion of drums. Work-in-progress.


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