Bob Vincent – Contradictions: Land of Extremes

Bob Vincent aka Jersey Bob recorded his album Contradictions: Land of Extremes in 2007. Photos taken by his brother Barry during their travels together in India were chosen for its graphic design. The journey that Bob and Barry made is the framing concept for the songs on the album. Last Friday those images and songs were put together in a video for an intimate concert hosted by Bob. The event was an informal mix of beautiful songs, acoustic jams and witty banter. Other performers were Naomi West, Andy Coleman, Chris Herbert and Marcus Harley.


00:00 Precious Wine Called Life
04:04 Rebirth
09:00 Stinky Shoes
11:49 Believe The Saddhu
12:49 Dennis Remembers
16:02 Bus Ticket
17:11 Stay

Bob Vincent: Words and music
Barry Vincent: Photos
Chris Almond: Audio and video production


The featured song here is one of my favourites from the set. The title seems to promise a meditation on the circularity of existence which the lyrics deftly finesse with a charming, unpretentious ramble about music and rootlessness. The main guitar riff with its lurching rhythm is very catchy. Waves of electronic reverberation enfold the song in a shimmering concordance with the acoustic performance. The method is influenced by minimalist composers’ use of unintended acoustic details that arise as side effects; for instance, melodies created by the overtones of played notes.

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