Trust in the you of now

We got together at end of August to arrange a new 30-minute set of instrumentals, The Four Numbers, for Branchage Festival. The gig was last night, and it went all right. It was a huge thrill to share a bill with artists of such excellence. My highlight was Capitol K’s live set of acid cumbia, churning, burbling, never quite resolving … It had a startling effect on the crowd and inspired some beautiful dancing. The festival’s programmers always demonstrate such great taste in music and admirable support for experimentation and originality.

Our set was one of the strangest things we’ve made. I’m pleasantly surprised that it was well received as it is a difficult, complex sequence of changes, challenging rhythms, and odd melodic switchbacks and elaborations. It wasn’t exactly our intention to make something spiky and awkward but the work reflects our personal and shared experiences at the time and place of its making, and it was a hard job. Spim, Justin and Gary are brilliant people to work with. I thank them for their patience and skill. We’ll record this set soon and share it.

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